Who else finds February more than a little bit challenging? Flip flops are a distant memory, money is tight after Christmas, the dark........and half term holiday. For those of us on a very limited income all school holidays present special extra challenges, but I find February half term especially difficult. The short days combine with … Continue reading AUSTERITY AND YOUNG FAMILIES


International Women’s Day 2019 – What’s On?

International Women’s Day is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. It will be celebrated on Friday 8th March 2019 and this year’s theme is #balanceforbetter. Locally there are two weeks of IWD activities being held from Monday 4th March until Sunday 17th March in Reading, Wokingham, Henley and Maidenhead. From debates to … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2019 – What’s On?

When Does Institutional Violence Become a Hate Crime?

I went to an event run by Support U, the LGBT organisation in Reading, at the Mayor's Parlour tonight. It was a panel debate entitled Is the LGBT Community Inclusive? Many good points were made by the speakers on racism in the LGBT community, trans issues, age and disability. The fact that LGBT communities have … Continue reading When Does Institutional Violence Become a Hate Crime?

Don’t let Reading Borough Council Close Our Play Area

It's hard to know where to begin with this. Each time I put pen to paper I am struck by how ridiculous it feels that we even have to have this conversation. Pull down a playground designed for disabled children? Who would do that, who could be that callous? And we are. Reading Borough … Continue reading Don’t let Reading Borough Council Close Our Play Area

Extinction Rebellion comes to Reading (Arrests not Required)

In recent months Extinction Rebellion has made national news blocking bridges in London together with other regional protests. The goal is to draw attention to climate change, to involve others in peaceful protest and create a climate of political pressure for the UK to up its commitment to tackling climate change. This comes on the … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion comes to Reading (Arrests not Required)

The Gibbering Gibbon

  Members of Reclaim Reading gathered at the RISC Centre yesterday (Tuesday 18th December) to attend Reading Borough Council’s Public Health Consultation. Our good-natured banners were well received and brought smiles to members of the public. However, these smiles faded as quickly as the council’s budget. Prior to the consultation the group had met to … Continue reading The Gibbering Gibbon

Strictly Not Answering – Part 1

On Monday the 26th of November Reclaim Reading played Strictly Not Answering at Reading Borough Council’s policy committee meeting.  We assessed the lead Councillors from the RBC Labour Group as to whether they answered questions from the public and other Councillors accurately and politely in a Strictly Come Dancing style.  We had score cards prepared … Continue reading Strictly Not Answering – Part 1